Yes, TSA Allows you to Take Shock Collars on Planes !

If you need to travel with a shock collar for training a dog or any other pet, you should know that TSA allows it. However, be aware that the airlines policies or regulations at your destination may be different.

A Dog Wearing A shock collar

NOTICE: This article is primarily aimed at individuals traveling to or within the United States of America.

The guidelines provided here are derived from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policies, the authority overseeing public travel security in the United States. These rules are applicable for flights into, within, or out of the U.S.

What TSA says about traveling with Shock Collars on a plane?

If you check the TSA’s stance on shock collars, you’ll find the following:

TSA Rule on Shock Collars

As said before, according to TSA regulations, shock collars are permitted in both checked and carry-on baggage.

What about the rules for your destination?

To determine if your destination has any specific restrictions concerning travelers with shock collars, review the list below. This section also provides essential information like visa requirements and must-visit places:

For more detailed information on your destination, including Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations, visit the IATA Travel Center.

Stay Updated on Shock Collar Travel Rules

This page was last updated on October 31, 2023, in accordance with the latest TSA guidelines for such items. We will continue to provide updates on any changes to these regulations.

For the most current guidelines, we recommend:

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