Can I Bring Razor On a Plane ?

For those wanting to know if they can bring shaving razors when they’re about to travel by air, the short answer is “Yes,” but with certain restrictions and conditions.Facial, Leg,

In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about flying with razors, including what types you can bring in your carry-on and checked baggage and any restrictions that may apply.

NOTICE : This article is intended for people traveling to or within the United States of America.

In fact, the information I’m presenting here is based on guidelines from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It’s the agency that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States, and its rules apply whether you’re flying into, within, or out of the U.S.

What TSA said about travelling with Razor on a plane ?

razor rules

PS : We had the answer from official TSA website :

Razor Types

Can I bring razors in carry-on baggage?

According to TSA guidelines, disposable razors can be included in carry-on bags. Electric razors are also allowed. However, razor-type blades are only permitted in carry-on bags if they are safely installed in a cartridge.

Loose razor blades and safety razors are not permitted unless the blade is removed.

Can I bring razors in checked baggage?

You can pack disposable, electric, and safety razors in checked baggage. This also includes razor-type blades as long as they are securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

Can I carry razor related items on a plane?

Items Carry-on Baggage Checked Baggage
Disposable Razors Allowed Allowed
Electric Razors Allowed Allowed
Razor-type Blades (in cartridge) Allowed Allowed
Loose Razor Blades Not Allowed Allowed
Safety Razors (without blade) Allowed Allowed
Safety Razors (with blade) Not Allowed Allowed
Shaving Cream or Gel (under 3.4 ounces/100 ml) Allowed Allowed

TSA doesn’t explicitly mention facial or travel razors with blades, so it’s wise to check their latest guidelines. Eyebrow razors tend to be treated like disposable razors and are usually allowed in carry-on.

This page was created on November 07, 2023, based on TSA guidelines for these kinds of items. We will keep you updated if there are any changes to this rule.

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